eAcademics School ERP

Inventory Management System

Why eAcademics Inventory System?

eAcademics Inventory System for school/college is a barcode-based system, offers the ability to manage all types of inventory. Standard, serialized, batch–lot, serialized with quantity, and non-inventories can be managed all in one system. eAcademics Inventory System can help you to keep the record of all inventory items without missing any sale with accurate cash flow. For instance, complete kit details for the student can be created with the description of the material provided within the kit like Books, Pens or Pencils and stationary, etc. It’s having the best facilities like multiple reports generation and direct importing of data. Manual work and cost would be reduced by using this system and it also assists in a clutter-free store.

School management software was designed to streamline the process-driven elements of running a school or college which makes it a user-friendly software. It makes tracking very easy for complete inventory with parameters like batch number, expiry date, manufacturing date, slot number, and all other details by listing them as soon as they arrive. Inventory management would then be right in its wheelhouse. For instance, with school management software such as eAcademics, schools and colleges can better organize their inventory at the very incept.

By using eAcademics inventory management system admin and staff can log in at any time into their school management software and raise an indent or a request for a certain item that they need. This does not need to be done within school hours but at any time or place of their convenience. Reminder facility of eAcademics Inventory management System is an additional helpful feature with a better understanding of sales to maximize the profits and minimize the expenses.

Features of eAcademics Inventory System:

Admin: Admin can manage and govern the data, reports and permissions to other users according to his choice.

Staff: Staff can operate the software from anywhere by using supporting device.

Key Features

Inventory Control
Minimized Human Error
Easily track the missing Inventory item
Satisfied Individuals
Data and Asset Security
Asset Maintenance
Information Accessible and Centralized
Asset life Cycle


All Solution Under One Roof !!

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