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eAcademicsLib Management System

eAcademicsLib (Complete Library Management System) is a powerful, flexible and easy to use for library .eAcademicsLib is a software developed by the librarians and for the librarians.It offers many flexible and convenient features, allowing librarians and library users to maximize time and efficiency. On a networked system, this library software can enable users to save their time and also automate several processes.
eAcademicsLib is capable of managing book issues, returns, magazine/newspaper subscriptions, book binding, periodical/journal bindings, calculating/managing fine, special search options, generating various reports for record-keeping and review purposes according to end user requirements.eAcademicsLib also provide that reports which is the require at the time of NAC inspection.

More over this software is fully compatible with bar code. Use of bar codes for library management system eases the everyday tasks of big libraries, where the number of transactions exceed several thousands in number. The bar code generation and printing process is a built-in feature of this software.
The eAcademicsLib Network Version gives you inexpensive multiple-user power. On a network system, all users can edit and search the same database at the same time, maintain catalog of books, articles, recordings, corporate documents or patents.

Key Features

Multilingual support for most Indian Languages Support.
Once a title has been entered the other copies for the same title (if any) can be entered with just a click of button.
Individual book issue criteria (i.e. Max. Days, Fine per Day etc.)
Comprehensive fields for Books and Member's record to suit all requirements
Membership subscription period management (Optional)
Customizable grouping of members under various Categories and Classes
Periodical title entry, subscription, magazine/newspaper subscription management facility
Transfer all student one class to other class
Preparation/binding details of the periodicals
Promote and demote students (class wise or all
Various kinds of editable letters like approval letter, intimation letter etc.

Why should you go for eAcademicsLib?

Secure and Reliable:
You can trust it to store your data. It satisfies all modern security standards.
Easy to Access
Its quick access features can save your time. As in eAcademicsLib we have given many important and frequent shortcuts on the main screen so that access may be easy for the users.
User Friendly
It’s easy to access features has made it user friendly software. Any layman can understand the flow of software after the basic training.

Comprehensive Reporting

There is a wide range of reports which helps to analyze the data. Data can be filtered with various options to facilitate analysis. Various reports are:

All Solution Under One Roof !!

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