Digitize Your School with eAcademics School Management ERP System Software

eAcademics is a complete software suitable for schools, it can easily retrieve online accurate reports in time. It's time to automate everything in order to better simplify all class students, teachers, courses, libraries, transportation, exams, transcripts and fees in an appropriate way. Therefore, please arrange a demonstration of the eAcademics school management system software immediately to achieve complete automation and digitization of all basic operations. 

eAcademics student registration and registration management system is a proprietary and perfect choice for schools, colleges, colleges, coaching institutions, training centers, and universities. Its purpose of success is ease of use and softness. It is now suitable for enrolling students for enquiries, managing admissions, defining specific courses, defining fee structures, fee schedules, successful scholarships and collecting fees, etc. This greatly reduces labour costs and processes, and reduces the use of paper. The management keeps the students' personal and historical data in a completely correct way.

eAcademics, one of the best admission management systems, is dedicated to providing complete and simplified applications by saving manpower and eliminating data duplication. It allows to complete the admission of all students as well as the basic information of students, family information, transfer and birth certificates, etc. 

The eAcademics management application helps to restructure the education process. As the only integrated suite that connects all management applications to its corresponding LMS and evaluation platform, it provides the only solution created in this century that can unify management together like never before. It is a complete integrated software for best school management, which is built on a single Web-based platform and allows students to achieve all results through daily operation and management.

eAcademics complete development aims to support schools, colleges and universities not only to improve management workflow, but also to train students in all stages of the learning process by easily collaborating and sharing information among teachers, parents and students. Now, by creating a suitable learning environment for students, they are one step closer to success 

Key Features 

-Authoritative and effective management 

-Automated and intelligent built-in workflow that saves a lot of time. 

-Achieve effective communication 

-Implement effective school-wide communication 

-Use our scoring software to customize student test transcripts, schedules, etc. 

-Complete scoring system 

-Grading and examination 

-Dynamic skills 

-End-of-semester report card 

-Worry-free report card printing 

-Informal parental access to mobile apps 

The eAcademics School ERP system is groundbreaking in the field of education channels and has been properly integrated with mobile applications.