Tips for Parents to Help Students Learning from home with 100% Academics Result

The COVID-19 pandemic is not showing any signs of slowing down. Countries around the globe are taking steps to control the virus from spreading. Lockdown restrictions have been eased, but educational institutions have postponed exams or canceled in some cases. 

All educational institutions, from colleges to schools, to take drastic measures and make sure the academic year remains unaffected due to the pandemic. All across the country, students are now completing their classes via online learning resources. The shift, however, has been difficult for teachers, students and even parents. Parents have been worried about being able to juggle their child’s academics and their work together. For children, the change in routine is tough. Moreover, sometimes-technological shortcomings of the platform or the internet speeds hinder a smooth learning process.

It is only with the co-operation of the teachers, parents and students that online learning can be made a success. Here are a few tips for parents to smoothen the process of online learning for their children.

"As schools and colleges are shut across India, every house is a school and every parent is a teacher"

-Set up a daily family routine, including healthy eating and sleeping habits

-Provide a place and time at home for homework

-Check on assignments, homework and projects

-Talk each day with your child about his/her activities

-Promote literacy by reading to your child and by reading yourself

-Limit and monitor TV watching, gaming, social media and computer time

-Express high expectations and standards for your child’s learning

-Attend parent-teacher conferences, Open House and Back-To-School events

-Participate in decisions that affect your child’s education

-Tap into community resources with visits to a library, museum, zoo or theater and encourage participation in after-school clubs, sports and art activities

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Enterprise Resource Planning is a boon to the education system in many countries. Especially, in countries where internet connectivity is intermittent. Of course, there are places in India where the Internet Connectivity is not proper. Attending online classes can be a challenge in such places. 

EAcademics school management software with mobile app already helps many working parents to make balance between their work and children education and facilitate a smooth learning process.

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Why School ERP Management Software for Schools & Parents Required now?

There are many reasons for many parents and the educational institutions to incline towards ERP Software. Ultimately, what is required is no hassle school management system that helps to connect, teach, validate, and receive feedback. The main aspects of ERP software to enhance student learning are

-The schedules can be made in advance and students can view it at their ease

-The assignments can be posted in the portal before the deadline

-No continuous online facility is needed

-The course materials can be shared in the same portal in an organized fashion

-ERP software can accommodate digital learning videos that the students can learn anytime

-Assessments and Tests can be conducted seamlessly

-Further, the mobile application can become a multi-platform tracking methodology too

The usage of a school management system is the wise choice to teach your students and helps parents to mentor the progress of their children’s. It is to be mentioned here that, even after the lock-down is released, the online classes continue to happen. The digital world is to be thanked for the technology it has provided to bridge this gap.