Single Click Designing of ID Cards and Certificate with the ERP System

As all school know ID card preparation is very difficult and time consuming process for school and college. Because ID card prepare hardly mid of the session and still not perfect for all sometime number wrong and sometime pics and name of father not correct and spell mistake is normal for all school so avoiding such mistake and 100 % solution for these can get from eacademics ERP.

For schools firmly placed in the digital world, ID cards seem to be relics of the pen and pencil era. As educational institutions move towards digital platforms for running schools, do we still need student IDs. Is this not only an outdated idea? 

The benefits of using technical solutions are usually promoted, but in the case of creating and issuing ID cards, the old ones are still gold. This is a tangible form that is easy to generate and can verify the identity of students at any given time. Does not depend on the network, technology, platform or equipment, these devices are compatible with the needs of ID card authorization check.

The physical ID card can also be used for various purposes throughout the campus-from entering restricted areas to cafeteria transactions to becoming a library card for borrowing books in the library, the physical ID card can be used as a convenient passport for passports to access a variety of educational institutions Facilities and resources. 

This also means that this form of ID is very useful in emergency situations, in which students may not be able to access the power supply, their electrical equipment, or the network that cannot access their information from the cloud. If a student is electronically locked out of an account or service on campus, it can also be used as the final physical ID.

It is best to use school resources to make student ID cards on campus. The benefits of using the school management system for internal production and issuing ID cards are many. Below we will discuss not only the detailed benefits of creating and producing ID cards internally, but also why using a school management system is the best way to produce ID cards. 

When there are hundreds of school ID card design software on the Internet, why pay for your student ID card design agency? Most free ID card design applications can create beautiful-looking ID cards in seconds. Using such software may be beneficial to the school because it will save money, time and effort. The software can generate IDs for students, teachers and other staff in your school.

 With the help of the School ID card design module in the eAcademics school management software, the generation of ID cards has never been easier. The software has a huge database of preloaded ID card design templates for you to choose from. eAcademics ID Card Generator also allows the design of ID cards of various sizes, designs and backgrounds.

Key Benefits of using eAcademics ID card generation Module:-

-Quick and easy to make High-quality ID cards

-Different photo shapes to choose from  (Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Circle, Simple Rectangle)

-Facility to design one-sided or double-sided ID cards

-Predefined ID card templates to choose from

-Facility to generate multiple Student ID Cards with different QR code values and texts

-Facility to print using advanced printing settings

-Compatible with every operating system

-Regularly Updated database of newest ID card designs

-Highly customization designs

-Feature to design the multi-color or design to differentiate the House and transport takes etc 

-Pre design template for All certificate required