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School bus tracking software enhances the safety of students. Integrating the school bus system with GPS (Global Positioning System) can provide parents and school authorities with real-time location data of students, thereby gaining the trust of parents and giving them peace of mind. By implementing this system, you can automate and control the entire school bus operation from one platform. School authorities can also access a bird's-eye view of the entire system.

The system works through coordination between GPS hardware, GPS software, school ERP (Fedena) and mobile applications. All communication can be coordinated through the API of GPS system and School ERP system. Each bus will be equipped with GPS or mobile devices that support GPS. The device updates the real-time position of the bus and other detailed information to the central software installed in the server.

Next, the software will further communicate with Fedena ERP and update real-time detailed information to Fedena users. Depending on the configuration, the Fedena mobile app can display notifications and real-time data of bus driving to parents and school authorities.

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Benefits to the organization

Real-time bus tracking: When the agency has access to a dashboard containing the real-time status of all its transportation vehicles in transit, it will have many benefits for the agency. The detailed information at the bird's-eye level provides them with insight, allowing them to make and correct decisions anytime, anywhere.

Simplify communication with parents: With the help of the real-time tracking of the school bus in the parents' mobile phones, the communication with the school and the parents is now simplified. If there is no automated system, the school management department must handle communications with parents about the whereabouts of the school bus.

Track bus routes and stops: School leaders can track the routes and stops assigned to buses and verify that they strictly follow the assigned routes and stops.

Prevent unauthorized use of school buses: In the case of GPS installed on each transport vehicle, there will be no unauthorized use, as each movement of the vehicle will be tracked as part of the report.

Easily maintain transit records: All bus records of transportation operations will be digitized and can be accessed at any time for inspection and verification.

Bus speed monitoring: The installed GPS system will monitor the speed of the bus and can detect the driver's speeding situation. If necessary, you can also find a slow route to make necessary route changes.

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Track and improve fuel efficiency: With the level of detail available in the report and the data collected, fuel usage can be tracked, and this data can be used to further improve fuel efficiency by tracking more detailed information about less fuel-efficient vehicles.

Track driver behavior: Proper analysis of the data available in the system can help track driver behavior and habits. Speeding, fast driving, engine idling, sharp turns, traffic violations, etc. are all driving habits that can be tracked. These habits are of great help in ensuring that students go to get off work safely.

 Make better use of the school's transportation budget: Each school has a strict annual budget, including the school’s transportation system budget. Investing in the GPS school bus tracking system can save the school's financial costs in many ways. From allocating better resources to buses, to ensuring that routes are shortened to save fuel and optimizing routes and arranging vehicle maintenance schedules in a timely manner, this will bring many economic benefits for schools that have GPS tracking devices in their school buses. .

Report generation: Using all the detailed data provided by the GPS tracking system, school leaders can generate different reports to help decision-making and improve the efficiency of school bus transportation operations.

 The school bus tracking solution is a must for schools and colleges to ensure the safety and security of students, and to ensure that parents and school authorities are at ease. Now, with various government regulations in place, every school must have a school bus tracking solution. As described in this article, the benefits of this solution are numerous, and the vendor simplifies installation and setup. If you are looking for the integration of eAcademics ERP and school bus tracking solutions, please contact one of our experts immediately!!