eAcademics - School and College Management ERP Software recommended by Allahabad Schools

Among many school management software, eAcademics software that expands the organization's scope from effortless manual databases to fully automated systems. eAcademics school management software and mobile app provides all the essential basic options for a school/college, such as registering students, establishing contact with parents, preparing and arranging schedules, generating billing receipts, real-time attendance tracking, school bus tracking, etc.

eAcademics ERP, cloud-based ERP software is management software for schools, colleges, and universities. It is designed and developed in a model-view-controller (MVC) architecture that divides applications into three main logical components: the model, Views and controllers. Each of these components is built to address a specific development aspect of the application, which is called eAcademics-an advanced ERP platform for educational institutions. The solution is easy to use and is web-based, cloud software created specifically for educators.

Things to look after while choosing school/college ERP software
Admissions Management: There must be both online and offline admissions processes in the software

Student profile management: click to manage / search / update / view full profile

User roles and rights: This feature is a must-have feature for every ERP. Administrators can assign different permissions to different users based on their work, so that ERP can run smoothly and fairly.

All-Academic Master Settings: Manage all courses, batch sections, topics, courses, assigned topics, and more.

Employee management: Every school needs human resources management to calculate salaries, provide detailed information and simplify employee management

Timetable: The school must also have a function to keep the school schedule running smoothly.

Attendance management: Every school needs to manage staff and student attendance. So need software

Charge management: The school's highest priority feature, the software should help schools streamline their charge management processes. Need to report

Account management: all income and expenditure and daily account management

Custom reports: Each school requires its school to use a different report format. Therefore the software should provide custom reports.

 In today's digital world, mobile apps are also needed to keep students and faculty members connected with schools anytime, anywhere.

 The eAcademics platform provides operational excellence by customizing every aspect of the organization through an easy-to-use interface.

The connections between admin, teachers, faculty, parents and students are like they are part of the system. Ultimately, this will help all its stakeholders to continuously improve the system and keep teachers focused on what they actually do, education.

eAcademics - School Management App

eAcademics App is very affordable. With the rise of mobile technology and the increasing use of smartphones, it is now necessary for every institution to provide a common platform for teachers, parents, faculty, students. The eAcademics App provides a common platform for organizations and their stakeholders. Institutions can use this mobile technology to facilitate communication between schools and parents. The eAcademics teachers, parent, student app for schools helps to deliver school information in real time on their mobile devices. Parents, student’s faculty and staff can download the eAcademics app on their phones, and now the app can easily access personalized information. 

Key Features



-Fees Account



-Library Account

-Home Work, Assignments


-Question Bank

-Time Table

-Date Sheet/ Exam Schedules

-Academic Calendar

-Personalized Notification


-News / Circular

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