Learning From Home: Hints which help the Parents how to studies the Students

The corona virus pandemic and the subsequent government blockade have kept their citizens isolated and staying at home, which has affected people all over the world. 

For students, this essentially means closing many schools during school hours, encouraging parents to help students study at home. 

As part of this new routine, many students can comfortably take online courses at home. While many schools and educational institutions upload pre-recorded tutorials online, teachers are also giving lectures through video conferences. 

1.Communication between students, parents and teachers 

Although students conduct board exams, it is a well-recognized fact that students who perform well are students who are fully supported by their parents at home. The online student management module allows teachers to stay in touch with their parents and keep them up to date with all the latest school information and student performance in the classroom.

2.Help your child prepare the schedule 

One of the school ’s many benefits is that it trains learners by setting routines that students follow. This includes set wake-up time, snacks, set game time, and time to learn a series of topics. When at home, children can easily lose regular discipline, so parents must create a simple routine for their children to follow. This is not necessarily set in stone, but children should be given time to study, time to play and be creative, and preset time to eat, sleep and rest. 

3.Online learning resources

 In today’s technological age, this is an online process for most students studying at home, so students should be given access to laptops, smart tablets, or smart phones with supervised Internet access. In addition to these online resources, parents can also purchase other toys, crafts, art supplies (such as crayons), and picture books as part of their learning resources. This is especially useful for young students.

4.Online assignment management 

For students preparing to take the pre-class and board exams, regular practice through tests and assignments is an important part of the preparation work, because continuous practice can not only improve their understanding of the topic, but also improve their self-confidence, and The "homework" plugin in the school management software is designed to help teachers regularly distribute homework, tests and assignments to students. The online system makes it easy for class teachers to distribute tests, collect completed assignments, review and provide necessary feedback to students, which will help them learn better and perform better in exams. 

5.Motivate children through rewards 

Many experts believe that you can set up many mini rewards to celebrate every mini milestone your child reaches, instead of promising a big reward to your child at the end of the exam. These can be long-term or short-term rewards. For example, the short-term goal may be the completion of a chapter or a certain number of simulation tests. An example of a long-term goal is to improve the performance of simulation tests or boards. Experts believe that if students let you set goals for the entire preparation process and reward them with mini goals to motivate them, they will perform better.

6.Teaching children the right way to learn 

Today, the market is full of books that can help students develop learning strategies-provide them with tips and tools to help them remember themselves better and perform better in exams. In the Indian context, some of these books include Five lies and more 

7.Avoid putting too much pressure on children

In the board exams, students had to face tremendous pressure, and a large number of students competed for limited seats. In addition, difficult curriculum outlines and other academic factors have caused great pressure on students at school, causing many people to commit suicide each year. Nowadays, education is extremely restricted, and due to some achievements, students may be lost due to admission to the university of their choice. In this highly competitive world, every score is important. For teachers, it is very important to do everything they can to help students take advantage of it.

By using the eAcademics school management software and its various tools and modules, teachers can always contact their students and provide them with the best learning experience. It allows teachers to help students improve their learning skills and continue to practice until they are ready to take the exam. After all, practice makes perfect!

In last every one know technology alsways helps success in all bussines so we should follow its.