Know How eAcademics become successful for online school classes

We know that from health and safety to childcare and work, you have many ideas. Today is a very challenging time when the school is closed to stop the spread of COVID-19, and we hope to make every effort to support you. 

This is an important part of all concerns about the continued national blockade and social alienation education app. With this application, you can easily manage the daily school activities of students, teachers and administrators from one place. 

EAcademics school management software with mobile apps always ensures that the best software and applications for students is the top spot. The mission of our eAcademics app is to provide free excellent education to all curious people around the world and to impress them.

The eAcademics app is the best school management mobile app designed to enable better interaction between students, teachers, parents and administrators. The eAcademics app provides timely feedback and helps build better relationships with parents, thereby creating a friendly image for the school. No more waiting for a meeting with the school teacher / administrator! With just one click, you can understand your child's progress. Parents can easily get notified about events, news, test schedules, test results, etc. anytime, anywhere. Without excessive manual intervention, teachers can update all parents at the same time without wasting precious time. Generally, we can say that this is a school management mobile application that supports communication between parents and teachers and helps to understand the daily situation of students. The eAcademics app is available on all android phones and ensures the perfect organization of school management activities. Parents can quickly learn all the activities of their children in the mobile application.

eAcademics Benefit for parents: 

-All activities related to children or wards can be obtained on a mobile phone worldwide. 

-Automatic push notifications on school birthdays and parents ’anniversaries. 

-A single APP can provide information for multiple children. 

-Acquire your child's homework or homework information with Pics. 

-Various alerts and notifications. 

-Details of parents ’expense ledger, including online payment utility with secure payment gateway. Get the student report card on your mobile phone. 

-Track the real-time location of your child's school bus on your phone. 

-The picture library is updated by the school. 

-Daily attendance records of the ward. 

-School and holiday event calendar. 

-The availability status of library books.

-Download all forms and certificates uploaded by teachers or administrators. 

-Appreciation card, hint or warning card. 

-You can send any feedback related to employees, and these feedbacks are displayed directly on the "Administration" panel. 

-You can request proof of expenses, TC and other documents 

-Require the appointment of administrators, principles and responsible persons

Benefit for school  Management / Admin / Staff 

-Administrators can click any form of information to parents. 

-Administrators can obtain complete information about the cost details. 

-Employee attendance using biometric attendance machine. 

-Administrators can get all information related to individual students 

-Represent the feedback of parents and improve the work efficiency of employees. 

-Administrator can send bulk SMS to parents Easy-to-use and intuitive features can improve communication between parents and teachers, and save time for teachers' advertising staff. 

-Share school information, events, extracurricular activities, traffic information with parents in real time. 

-Let parents know about school activities.

-Save time and money by reducing the repetitive tasks that teachers must perform. 

-Increase employee productivity

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