How to Manage Online Examination Result for School

The COVID pandemic crisis is challenging the various organizations and businesses, operating around the world and the educational institutions are equally affected. However, educational institutions were smart to move to online teaching methodologies and made sure the academic year started in many parts of the world with a complete online strategy.

During March’s home-based learning, there were several methods in carrying out the learning process. Some would share information by Whatsapp, video call through Zoom, or subscribing online learning platforms. Is it enough?

There is software known as eAcademics ERP specifically designed for schools and can help schools manage the operation and learning process when students and teachers cannot be in the same room. It functions as a communication platform that enhances information and data sharing in real-time.

Yet the COVID challenged the way examinations are conducted in educational institutions. This has forced all educational institutions to either postpone the examinations or move to an online examination model.


What is an Online Exam System? 

An online exam system is a standalone feature in a school management system that covers the experience of administering an exam, taking an exam, and following outcomes from end to end. 

It provides comprehensive examination experience for both students and teachers alike. It is less laborious and overhead intensive examination experience since it automated and digitized the examination administration experience, while also ensuring greater flexibility and access for students from all corners of the world.

Why do Schools need an Online Exam Management System? 

The traditional examination system has been in place for a long time. Over the years, tweaks in exam duration, question format, evaluation methods, and feedback have evolved, but this pen and paper model has persisted over decades of education. So why the change to an online examination system now? 

Simply put, with innovations in technology, an increasingly globalized world, and data-driven insights into teaching and learning methodologies, an online examination system might provide a better perspective into the scholarly journey of a student. Examinations are not just a part and parcel of student life. They are an evaluative tool that allows students, teachers, and parents to track and measure the student’s scholarly progress. It also serves as a concrete metric on which to base learning and teaching decisions for the future. 

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Key Features of an Online Exam System using eAcademics? 

An Online examination system can have a variety of features that would be helpful to both teachers and students alike. Below we discuss some key features in detail along with the benefits they bring to the table over a traditional pen and paper examination: 

School can enter the data through our eAcademics Mobile APP as they authorizes for subjects and admin can download the same data from Online server to Desktop Application and compile the same for generate the result as per their designed and need and the same data can sync to parents through mobile APP.

1. Make Subject and Model questions Papers 

The online examination software allows users to create examination papers by subject and using multiple-choice questions. This kind of granular ability to create curated questions ensures that examinations remain dynamic and up to date instead of being outdated or outmoded in any way. It also means that a constant stream of questions is being added to the institutional knowledge of the school in question or even archives of a question bank for future educators to use. 

2. Existing exams batch-wise Checking

It allows users to evaluate existing exams on a batch-wise basis. This allows for task breakdown making it easier for teachers to check answers for questions in the examination administered. Traditional pen and paper examination evaluation can often feel like it is overwhelming due to the sheer physical volume of work to be assessed. With batch-wise evaluation in the online examination system, the task is broken down to be more surmountable, making it less time consuming and laborious in the process. 

3. View Exam Results Class Wise 

Similar to the ability to evaluate batch-wise, the online examination system also allows exam results to be viewed as batch-wise. Once again, this allows students and teachers to take on a seemingly overwhelming task with more ease. 

4. Reset Examination Class Wise 

Let us say an examination needs to be retaken due to unforeseen circumstances – from inclement weather delays to administration errors, there are many reasons an examination may need to be retaken. This can be done easily within the online examination system because the system allows you to reset an examination so all previous test scores and responses are disregarded and students can take the examination as a fresh exam. 

This also allows teachers creating an examination to create dummy exams and do a run through them to ensure that students have a hassle-free examination. This kind of beta testing is efficient and effective in ensuring a smooth examination experience for all students. 

An online examination management system is the way of the future during Covid19 for schools and colleges. It is not a revolutionizing of an existing system, instead of enhancement of it. It is the first step in better understanding and analyzing absorption of course material by students, recall of said material, the effectiveness of teaching methods being used in a classroom.

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It is also an easy way to collect data to evaluate a student’s performance over the long-term. The results speak for themselves as it benefits all stakeholders in the educational ecosystem – teachers, students, parents, and school management.