How Online School Attendance Management System for Smart Schools

Does your school face problems in maintaining the manual attendance of students? If yes, then why not use school attendance management software to reduce manual attendance tasks. Don’t you worry about this software? Now, in the interesting part of the blog post, we let you know more details.

The old-style attendance system includes manual entry of each student and employee attendance on documents/paper, which is also a time-consuming process. Correct! Now plan your school to implement an attendance management system, which is a complete Schools ERP software module designed to handle numerous attendance needs without stress. The main purpose of online school attendance management software is to help schools quickly and correctly perform attendance tasks.

Advantages of Attendance Management Software

-Attendance management software can help the central data management system.

-Teachers can relax and spend most of their time communicating high-quality learning knowledge to students.

-With economical and flexible software modules, it is suitable for schools of all sizes to record attendance without errors.

-"Student Online Attendance System" reduces the workload of teachers manually marking attendance, thus ensuring data accuracy and security.

-A strong attendance monitoring solution can ensure that the school's workflow is smooth and achieves considerable results.

-It will issue immediate alerts to students/parents/staff and update them on academic data about students.

-The system allows administrators/workers to easily check attendance records when needed.

-It provides all reports of student absences, violation reports and absence details.

-Functions of school attendance management software

-Through a simple management interface, the school can perform its overall duties smoothly.

-The student attendance management system simplifies various student attendance documents.

-It allows schools to share attendance reports via email or SMS.

-Quick and easy monitoring solutions can help schools build strong leadership skills.

-Simplify the healthy connection between students, employees, parents and management.

-Having a quick and straightforward process feature enables Schools to generate exact and detailed attendance reports of students.

-Student Attendance System helps to maximize interaction with a simple intuitive interface.

-This purpose-oriented software is proper for digitalized Schools.

-Parents are updated with daily message alerts on their child’s exact time in and time out of class.

-The real-time Student Attendance Tracking Software combines student information precisely.

Modules of Student Attendance Management System


School administrators can simplify and manage all accounts, while teachers/students can only use school attendance management software to manage their accounts. Administrators can also create standard forms to add details of students, faculty, and staff. Through the school attendance system, the administrator can also assign a unique login user name and password to all employees.


Based on daily input, teachers can maintain attendance records and generate reports by date/week/month/quarter/year. The online attendance system for students allows teachers to grade and correct student attendance when needed. Track the reports of students with low attendance and complain/warn their students/parents to achieve the prescribed attendance.

Student-School Attendance Management Software

School attendance management software can remind students of the impact of low attendance on their academic career. Students can only see the data, but cannot modify the data. With unique login details, students can also access the system module and check all notifications/messages held by the class teacher, exam results, attendance reports, and expense status.

What Security Features Added in eAcademics School Attendance System?

-Our School Attendance Management Software, a web-based application, is integrated with the biometric system, smart access cards, and various control system.

-Our safety-oriented system ensures uncompromised performance

-The system gains the maximum efforts and attention of users.

-Also wins to meet the minimum requirements of the School and works well.

-Performance-wise, the system is up to the mark and suits all functional/non-functional criteria.

-eAcademics software can be implemented into any number of Schools without any issues.