eAcademics Examination Management Module Can Help Schools

The exam season is coming, not only for students, but also for teachers, faculty, staff, and schools/colleges/universities. The test process requires very seamless functionality and depends on the test administrator, staff, teachers and test center manager. It requires frequent communication with all members and students involved in the process to ensure that everyone knows the same information, and to avoid the last minute confusion (which usually happens).

The online exam management system can alleviate all the troubles associated with managing these processes. 

eAcademics ERP is a comprehensive school management system that provides an exam module covering all tasks related to exam rights management, from exam registration form to exam execution to scoring schemes, scores, grading tables, and printing of reports. This module can help employees generate all the necessary forms that the college needs its students. Since the module is connected to the student database; therefore, it is easier to retrieve all necessary information about the student using only ID/name/registration number. This helps speed up the inspection process

eAcademics Examination Module provides the followings functions for seamless & smooth management of examinations at the institute:

-Exam Notifications

-Exam courses and student registration

-Exam Schedule

-Exam Student Attendance Management

-Student performance and mark entries

-Grade, Percentage, GPA, CGPA management

-Result preparation

-Overall Reports for the exam and Marksheet management

-Reports for result analysis

Here are the unique benefits of Academia ERP examination system for institutes:

1. Reduce exam management costs 

This is an online school management system that assists all related processes and reduces paperwork. All reports, certificates, and test papers can be stored in the organization's cloud database, and any authorized user can access it at any time. It not only saves fixed costs, but also saves the cost and storage location of all inspection reports and data. 

2. Save processing time 

eAcademics ERP automates all exam operations. Staff can generate all forms and generate reports with them. Integration with the student module; by saving all student data, it is easier to obtain student details and use it in exams as needed. It can also help teachers perform grade calculations. Regardless of the grading scheme adopted by the school, teachers, whether graded or based on percentages, can customize according to their needs. If necessary, they can also convert the grade into a score. In this way, teachers can create results faster, and management can distribute them to students faster. 

3. Generate all reports needed by the school 

The examination process will not end with the announcement of the results. Schools need to keep pre-exam records, assessment reports, credit-based reports and exam report records. They must also keep a record of test papers for future reference of teachers and students.

eAcademics ERP helps educators generate and manage all reports with detailed information. All these reports will be stored on the web server, but they can always download these reports individually or in batches. 

4. Consistent and error-free 

No one can deny the power of computer-based computing systems. Using this system during the inspection process reduces the possibility of any errors. With the help of perfect systems (such as academic text messages), teachers can avoid wasting time to re-evaluate and re-write reports. This also increases the reliability and credibility of school management.

Add-on benefits automated examination system:

-Saves time and energy of the staff

-Reduces duplication of the work

-Auto-works on student’s progress report that helps in improving students’ outcomes.

-Eliminates manual forms

-Automates processes for exams at all stages

-Simplifies exam processes to make it easy and transparent.

-Provides push notifications on Student Portal for all the latest updates

-Sends SMS & Email notifications for students & teachers on mobiles

Exam Management Module in eAcademics ERP is an exceptional system that can automate and streamline the planning and execution of the entire processes, and it is designed to make the management cost-effective & efficient. The system manages access permissions for different users to avoid mismanagement of legal and official data by an unauthorized user for not only exam info but various other data as well.