The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic failed to spare the education system. The closing of schools and universities indefinitely has produced an online school management system. Currently, 1.8 billion students are affected due to school closures. The COVID-19 pandemic caused great difficulties not only to students but also to teachers.

Introduce new learning system

Maybe learning never ends. Institutional authorities have listened to UNESCO’s recommendations and can contact students remotely. These days, distance learning applications play a vital role in teaching. The online school management system paves the way for reducing interruptions in learning and graduation.

Benefits of distance learning methods

Learning continues – By preventing classroom intervention, teachers can easily contact their students online for teaching.

Seamless schedule - Work from family culture provides people with a way to arrange family and working hours. The timetable is effectively prepared for teaching purposes.

Incredible online connection – first of all, COVID-19 has not affected the technology. Contacts between students and teachers for schedules and course materials can be made via email and other Messenger services.

Distance learning applications – many Free online application for handling courses. Teachers can easily use it to connect with students.

ERP gifts at the right time

Enterprise resource planning is the gospel of the education system in many countries. Especially in countries where the internet connection is intermittent. Of course, the Internet connection in some parts of India is incorrect. In such places, taking online courses can be a challenge. There are many College ERP software demonstrations that can be used to facilitate the learning process.

Reason for decision

There are many reasons why educational institutions tend to use ERP software. Ultimately, what is needed is a trouble-free online school management system that can help connect, teach, verify, and receive feedback. The main aspects of ERP software to enhance student learning are:-

-Schedules can be arranged in advance, and students can easily view

-Assignments can be posted in the portal before the deadline

-No need for continuous online facilities

-Course materials can be shared in an organized manner in the same portal

-ERP software can accommodate digital learning videos that students can learn at any time

-Evaluation and testing can be done seamlessly

-In addition, mobile applications can also become a multi-platform tracking method

-Effective way of learning

-If used properly in an organization, the College ERP software demonstration will work wonders. It establishes a 360-degree connection with the overall development of the students. In addition, information about student progress can be verified at any time.

The online school management system can be made effective through ERP software in the following ways.

School-teacher-student-parents fully connected—using the College ERP software demonstration like a teaching tool cannot solve the purpose of comprehensive learning. ERP can establish connections in general so that anyone who is directly above the student can track his/her progress.

For example, a parent can track the progress of his/her ward. Teachers can track students' learning ability. In addition, school or university authorities can monitor the entire process.

Online status Monitored – Traditional school and college systems require students to take courses in order to be eligible to write final exams. The online school management system of ERP software can track students' attendance well. Even if you can watch digital video offline, it is also very convenient.

Large crowd | easy management - This is the teacher's trump card advantage. In fact, manpower can be used effectively in this situation. Teachers can monitor a large number of students at once. All of this requires teachers to take the initiative to ask questions when facing the challenges of students.

Timetable Routine Routine – This is an important aspect during the COVID-19 crisis. Especially for students, UNICEF recommends that children be engaged in daily work so that they can avoid anxiety or stress. College ERP software demos can help employees schedule courses a week in advance and instruct students to take regular courses every day.

Evaluation | Clear results – This is an easy-to-use software for students. Teachers can conduct tests and quizzes online through ERP software. Students can easily take the exam at the time they like. The best part is that the scores are available to them immediately. More importantly, they will also know their ranking among other students.


The management of the institution can effectively use the online school management system to understand various progressive features. Much kind management also tends to pay employees during the lock-in period. ERP software also adds value for verification purposes.

Teaching effect | Redefinition – The situation outside is strange. In addition, for teachers and students in many countries, online teaching and learning is a new process. The ERP software demonstration in colleges and universities can help the main stakeholders understand the learning progress of the students, so as to realize the efforts of employees. After all, if the teacher's teaching method is not correct, the student will not get good grades.

Employee Attendance Formal Verification – Because the software supports tracking of student attendance, for obvious reasons, employee attendance must be similarly tracked. The integration of tracking and completed tasks establishes the ownership of the staff. In fact, this can help the management of an educational institution understand the efficiency of its employees.

The parent-management connection-management transparent communication reached the parents immediately. Similarly, parents’ concerns can be resolved in real time.

The use of an online school management system is a wise choice to teach your students. It should be mentioned here that even after the lock is released, the online course would continue to occur. Thanks to the technology provided by the digital world to bridge this gap.