eAcademics - Best School Management ERP Software with Mobile App

Unilead Software Solution has created one of India's most advanced and user-friendly School Management Software (eAcademics) to reduce administrative hassles and increase the efficiency and productivity of managing various school activities. Our school ERP software is cloud-based and also supports a variety of modern technologies. Literally, this is a modern tool to help you manage things at school.

The school software is designed to simplify communication between parents and teachers, while reducing the workload of entering data through mobile devices or tablets, and has bilingual options to enable parents from different regions to communicate effectively. Our school software is agile and can be customized to the requirements of the institution. It ensures that all information needs to be stored electronically and that the school management system is a trouble-free process. If you've been looking for effective, secure and flexible school accounting software for a long time, this is your best choice.

Using our school ERP software, teachers can generate and print custom report cards as needed. In addition, report cards can be issued through the school's official mobile app. In addition, the software is very good at managing a variety of information systems, including employee information systems and student information systems, through which schools can manage employee attendance and student attendance and all other additional events at the school. It can also be used as tuition software if you want to manage it. 

Student data management 

-Comprehensive contact form for quick inquiry List of students by location, age, etc. 

-Ability to generate custom reports with specific student details 

-Administrators can filter data based on student access (e.g. daily attendance, academic reports, and transportation facilities) 

-It generates unique login credentials for students to enable them to log in. 

-Manage student ID printing, academic label printing, report-card printing.

Expense management 

-Configurable fee structure with various subjects (Wise Category, Wise Student Category, and Wise Optional Fees). 

-Accept cash, credit card, cheque, NEFT fees. 

-Full one-time tuition and transportation fees 

-Ability to customize reports for parameters such as late fees. 

-It can reflect membership fees under student profile. 

-Text / email reminders can remind students / parents about pending fees. 

Exam / course management 

-Exam outlines are defined according to the course outline. 

-Creation of exam types such as universal, practical, theoretical or comprehensive exams. Specified fields to capture the results of various exams. 

-Mark paper and tabular registration certificate to print. 

-Can use class, section, etc. filters to analyse the best performing people 

Financial accounting 

-Comprehensive financial accounting

-Detailed multi-point cash book Bank reconciliation 

-Balance sheet 

-Employee promotion and salary management 

-Expenditure certificate

Add on Integration

-Website Integration.

-Android App & IOS App Integration.

-Auto Attendance RFID Integration.

-GPS Bus tracking System.

Other Features

-TC Generation.

-Character Certificate printing.

-Class wise Time Table management.

-Event Calendar.

-Transport Management.