Benefit of Attendance Using Bio-Metric or RIFD Card

In general, all educational institutions focus primarily on the attendance of employees and students, because it can be difficult to track using conventional methods. However, the times have changed, and the integration of cloud-based biometrics / RFID time and attendance system can easily complete all the work and is reliable compared to standard equipment. 

Why choose eAcademics? 

The eAcademics attendance management system provides schools and higher education institutions with a powerful cloud-based solution to reduce staff workload and improve efficiency through automated time and attendance systems. 

It ensures the attendance rate by performing a series of activities that can analyze the absence of students, find corrective solutions, set improvement goals, seek work interventions and finally evaluate the solutions. 

Why choose eAcademics cloud-based biometric / RFID attendance management system? 

Here, we provide you with a comprehensive guide detailing the amazing features provided by eAcademics biometric / RFID attendance management system, which can greatly help educational institutions:

This is an innovative cloud-based system: One of the biggest differences between eAcademics and other products is that it is a cloud-based Wifi device. This allows organizations to record data in real time, and all content is stored in the system via the cloud. It also does not require any type of wiring and local server. All other systems you may find are usually LAN-based or standalone. 

Attendance based on RFID / fingerprint Attendance based on RFID / fingerprint makes the attendance mode automatic and depends on fingerprint sensing. This technology provides personal authentication and identification, so it has high security. It provides reliable staff and student attendance systems, so it can be used as an authentication method. All information saved on the device is synchronized through eAcademics. 

Real-time online attendance tracking: This system is very helpful for assisting administrators to track attendance, rest, and vacation applications. It can store all attendance data and send it to the cloud without any time delay. The system ensures that there is no error in manual tracking, because it can minimize human workload, which is also a cost-effective solution for educational institutions

Efficient payroll processing: When the cloud-based RFID biometric system technology is used in conjunction with eAcademics salary management system, the entire process of salary processing will become more efficient. The human resources department of the institute will be able to easily track employees ’attendance and leave in real time, and deduct wages accordingly. 

Enhanced security:  Another major advantage of eAcademics biometric / RFID attendance management system is the enhanced security of students and institutions. This is because the data transmission only takes place through the cloud. Only authorized personnel can communicate with the device. 

Cost-effective advanced solutions: Another factor considered by the Institute is the cost of installing these technologies because they are the most expensive. However, through integrated cloud solutions, you can obtain a cost-effective system without any impact on the services and technologies provided. Provide various plans and prices, you can choose the most suitable plan and price according to your budget and specifications. 

If you have any questions or are interested in enabling the eAcademics School management ERP software integrated with the cloud-based biometric / RFID attendance management system, please feel free to contact us.