Academic result management software with DMC printing

The student result management system provides technical opportunities for schools, colleges, universities, and coaching center institutions. They are looking for a safe, simple, and alternative solution to replace the traditional paper test scores, reports, and distribution. Like any other software, this system also has certain advantages and disadvantages.

This software application stores, evaluates and publishes test scores and grades online by providing managers with a secure database system, thereby cracking and accelerating the results management system with unique templates. The same database allows students to observe and browse online test results wherever they need to.

The software has shown easy functions in solving, adjusting and eliminating traditional results and using automated systems for management inspections. One of the main purposes of the system is to provide test results to students in a manner that is as accurate as possible. Administrators, teachers, professors, and faculty and staff can also modify and evaluate student performance when needed.

Advantages of student result management system

When looking for the advantages of the student result management system and how to create an effective test score system and database, you must pay attention to the use of HTML or PHP & Bootstrap design software. Few open source codes can be downloaded free from the Internet.

However, this free value-added system has many complexities and complexities. Therefore, it is often recommended to use the pre-designed eAcademics ERP software, which combines a reliable results management module. Through implementation, educational institutions can eliminate errors and dependencies, and improve examination and score management.

The application manages information about different students and the courses they choose in different years. Outstanding students of different disciplines obtain these marks in different semesters.

Advantage of Student Result Management System

For Administration:

-With student result management system, teachers, professors, and staff can create result analysis reports

-Grade book Management

-Exam Timetable Management

-Records marks and result on a single database

-Add & manage students and Declare Results

-Allot seat to students in exam halls

-Integrate-able with fee management

-Create exams and tests online

-Present a solitary stage to deal with the preparation of all examination records inside the organization

-Generate printouts of examination and test reports instantly

-Send/ publish results to parents and students online

-Record and search details of every exam/test, student wise/course wise

-Admit Card/ Hall Ticket Generation

-Calculate scores, percentages and grades

For Students:

-Download report of the results in PDF format

-View results of tests and exams online

-Search test and exam scores with valid Roll number/ ID

-View Semester Results for all Subjects from anywhere using smart devices

-Request for re-evaluation

eAcademics is one of the best erp software that provide 25 modules in including result management system that helps to digitalize your school completely with minimum time and money.